Pierre El Sokhn

Unfair Decision: The Detrimental Impact on the Lebanese Community

European Parliament’s Disregard for Lebanon’s Plight

In a decision that has left the Lebanese community dismayed, the European Parliament recently showed a lack of consideration for the challenges faced by Lebanon. By passing a resolution that supports the continued presence of Syrian refugees in our country, they have overlooked the immense struggles and hardships endured by the Lebanese people. This unfair decision has far-reaching consequences, including devastating effects on our hospitals, infrastructure, and society as a whole.

Ignoring Progress and Amplifying Agonies

Despite acknowledging Lebanon’s role in welcoming Syrian refugees, the European Parliament has failed to recognize the significant progress made by the Syrian army in restoring control over most provinces and defeating numerous terrorist groups. This military success indicates an improving situation in Syria, creating favorable conditions for the safe return of refugees.

However, the EU resolution raises concerns about repatriation operations, citing Syria as an unsafe destination. While challenges may still exist, disregarding the efforts of the Syrian government to restore stability and security undermines the well-being and aspirations of the Lebanese people. Moreover, it exacerbates the agonies we have endured for far too long.

Criticism and the Urgent Need for Recognition

Criticism has arisen in response to the resolution passed by the European Parliament, with particular scrutiny falling upon MEP Thierry Mariani, known for his far-right views. Mariani expressed his dismay via Twitter, stating, “The European Parliament has overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution supporting the continued presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Only the representatives from Rassemblement National voted against this insulting decision that disregards the Lebanese people and their future.”

It is imperative for the European Parliament to acknowledge and address the negative consequences of this decision. By prioritizing the rights of Syrian refugees without adequately considering the burdens imposed on Lebanon, this resolution perpetuates unfairness and inequality that have plagued our community for years. It is high time that the sacrifices and struggles of the Lebanese people receive the recognition they deserve.

A Desperate Plea for Support and Justice

As a Lebanese citizen, I am deeply distressed by the long-term repercussions of this decision on our community. The continued presence of Syrian refugees, without a comprehensive plan for repatriation, places an overwhelming strain on our hospitals, infrastructure, and overall well-being. Our hospitals are already overwhelmed, struggling to provide adequate healthcare to both the local population and the refugee community. This unfair burden jeopardizes the health and safety of all Lebanese citizens.

I implore the international community, especially the European Parliament, to acknowledge the detrimental impact of this decision and provide the urgent support Lebanon needs. Our hospitals require immediate assistance to expand their capacity and improve healthcare services for everyone. Additionally, our infrastructure demands immediate attention to withstand the immense pressure inflicted by the prolonged refugee crisis.

Together, we must find a just and equitable solution that considers the well-being of both Syrian refugees and the Lebanese people. It is only through genuine international solidarity and a commitment to fairness that we can alleviate the burden on our community, restore hope, and build a brighter future for all. The time for support and justice is now.