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I was born in Lebanon. I graduated in Business Administration and Finance at the Sagesse University of Beirut in 2010. Following to that, in 2018, I obtained a master’s degree in marketing and one in Advanced Accounting from the Torrens University of Sydney, in 2020. I would say I am a very determinate and valiant person. I want to reach ambitious results in life, so I always give my best in order to achieve them. My area of expertise is accountancy. I am a resourceful leader with hands-on experience performing any kind of operation aimed at maximizing the financial growth of a company.

My aspiration is to use my knowledge to optimize any accounting activity and bring businesses to another level. In a company, I strive to achieve effectiveness, transparency, resourceful interaction and performance optimization. I think critically and strategically, so my strength is to provide strategic exceptional solutions to financial and accounting challenges. I work towards a corporate growth and a strong compliance. I am very passionate in delivering outstanding customer service, in order to drive a business to its success and maximum intelligence. My interpersonal skills allow me to foster productive and long-lasting relations with team members, clients and stakeholders. I am a team player, but I also like the role of the leader. I am a fast learner and a person with a hands-on mentality.

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Master Degree in Advanced Accounting

Torrens University, Sydney, NSW 2020

Master Degree in Marketing

Sagesse University, Beirut, 2018

Bachelor in Business
Administration & Finance

Sagesse University, Beirut, 2010


Pierre's Career

Pierre El Sokhn

My Goal, As president of UNSCR Committee For Lebanon in Australia, is to work hard on restoring the freedom, identity and prosperity of Lebanon, in order to ensure safety, not only in the country, but also worldwide. I can say I had a great education and experience that gave me the requisites to achieve the goals that I want in life, but without the help of other great people, I would not be here today. I am an achievements setter, so I want to gain even more positive results in my career. The harder I work, the more I get, therefore I want to engage all my knowledge and skills to achieve outstanding results, satisfied clients and new business development opportunities for expanding enterprises. I am sure that with my skills in process improvement, strategic analysis, corporate accounting and astute communication, I will be able to bring great results into my career, but also to Lebanon.

Committee of the United Nations

As the president of UNSCR Community for Lebanese people in Australia, I partnered with several organizations to work together on creating a better and brighter future for the Lebanese population. These organizations are Lebanon Hub, the Lebanese International Lobby, the Lebanese-Swiss Association and the Committee of the united nations security council resolutions for Lebanon. We all want the same outcome: to stop the government corruption and mistreatment of the Lebanese population. Lebanon is my home country and I want to do the best that I can to give back what it thought me throughout the years. I want Lebanon to be a safe and great country for people to live in. The Lebanese population is held hostage by terrorism, corruption and a politically paralyzing war. Their fate has been culturally, politically and economically destroyed. The face of the country has shifted from being the beam of freedom and prosperity, to a swamp of corruption, oppression and socio-economic deterioration. Not only is this an unacceptable assault on the fundamental human rights of life, liberty and property, but it is also a remorseless violation of the Lebanese constitution. Lebanon today ranks the lowest in almost all economic, social and political indicators. However, the situation in Lebanon should interest the entire international community. The country is among the world’s leading hubs of extremism, jihadism and terrorism, proliferating its cells worldwide. Evidence shows that most terrorist attacks in the world are related to Lebanese terrorist groups. Therefore, the full implementation of the UN resolutions is not only a right to the Lebanese people but also a security requisite for the international community.

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Account Manager

– Be the primary point of contact and build long-term relationships with customers.
– Communicate Clearly the progress of monthly initiatives to Office manager.
– Keeping track of all payments and expenditures, including payroll, purchase orders, invoices, statement etc…

– Reconciling processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances.
– Paying employees by verifying expense reports and preparing pay checks.
– Preparing analyses of accounts and producing monthly reports.
– Paying vendors by scheduling pay checks and ensuring payment is received for outstanding credit; generally responding to all vendor enquiries regarding finance


Sales Representative

–  Attained complete satisfaction of clients by assessing their needs and guiding customers in selecting merchandise.
– Recognised for exchanging returned merchandise for the customer quickly and efficiently as per store guidelines.
– Trained and mentored newly recruited associates and collaborated with top management to implement department goals.
– Attracted potential clients by efficiently creating and organizing fixtures and visual merchandising in a timely manner.


Administrative & Financial Manager

– Performed all daily activities, such as formulating financial statements, maintaining cash controls, creating the Payroll and personnel administration, purchasing, and accounts payable in accordance with agreed policies. 
– Carried out office operations to assure finalization of all assigned duties within a set timeframe. 
– Developed and implemented appropriate marketing program and general business solutions that resulted in optimizing company exposure, customer traffic, and sales. 
– Oversaw financial tasks, including budgeting, planning, forecasting, accounting, and financial reports. 

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Business Development Manager

– Served outstandingly to manage account activity and forecast accurate sales targets to attain revenue goals. 
– Utilized comprehensive negotiation capabilities to settle various agreements with external suppliers. 
– Identified and attained new business development opportunities for expanding the business of the enterprise. 
– Successfully studied the integration of new venture with company plans and operations to close new business deals.
– Streamlined day-to-day functions by determining and mitigating potential risks within internal procedures.
– Formulated and maintained detailed weekly progress reports for top management on time.


General Manager &Country Manager

– Directed a team of managers and supervisors to complete daily activities of the facility comprising of evaluating and approving monthly wages and scheduling bonuses and commissions aligned with budget and operating constraints. 
– Reviewed and approved expenditures for capital equipment within budgetary and corporate instructions. 
– Successfully led inventory management tasks in line with sales, cash flow, and financial targets. 
– Achieved satisfaction and retention of customers by providing superior customer service and resolving their issues. 
– Managed daily sales, delivery, distribution, pricing, and accounting functions to accomplish desired objectives. 

Areas Of Expertise

Pierre El Sokhn

A resourceful and accomplished leader with hands-on experience performing overall accounting operations as per agreed specifications to maximise the financial growth of the company.

Team Training & Leadership

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Budgetary Administration

Strategic Planning & Implementation

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Business Developer

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